Past students are encouraged to remain in contact with the College and are always welcome to visit. We are always interested in information with respect to careers, marriages, travel, family, sporting and other achievements. Items of interest will be placed in the College newsletter from time to time.


The Mercy College Alumni Reunion will be held annually on the third Sunday in October.


Please contact the College to arrange a tour or for further information by emailing registrar@mercycoburg.catholic.edu.au


From the Alumni President, Diane Psaila:

‘Hurra for foundations, makes the old young and the young merry’ (Jan 4 1841)     -  Catherine McAuley

There is nothing like maintaining or rekindling old school friendships.  Mercy College; the foundation of our secondary education and the beginnings of lifelong friendships.

Let's build on opportunities to expand our network!

We are Mercy.


If you wish to contact Diane, please email AlumniPresident@mercycoburg.catholic.edu.au





 Have you ever wondered what life could hold for you after Mercy?  Are you interested in where your peers are now?


Below are stories from just some of our alumni.




Emily Driver                                     CLASS OF 13

School Friendships Forever    CLASS OF 78

Matthew Rawley                           TEACHER 2007 - 2011

Claudia Louis                                  CLASS OF 92

Faye O' Leary                                  Foundation School Captain

Maria Cugnetto                              CLASS OF 76

First Year Out                                  CLASS OF 17

Jala Moushi                                      CLASS OF 13

School Friendships Forever     A lifetime of connections

Dianne Butler                                  CLASS OF 76

Annie Driver                                     CLASS OF 15

Melissa Corsetti                              CLASS OF 10

Fiona Lorenti                                   CLASS OF 94

School Friendships Forever     CLASS OF 76

Alanna Mitchell                               CLASS OF 13

Nancy Di Grande                            CLASS OF 07

Diana Heim                                       CLASS OF 69

Daniella Paidi                                  CLASS OF 07

Anna Parente                                   CLASS OF 76

Carmela (Mel) Triulcio                CLASS OF 77

Josephine Tyrell                            CLASS OF 98

Antoinette Pellegrini                  CLASS OF 76

Anne Whalley                                  CLASS OF 76






The College Archivist is interested in receiving relevant information to help document the history of the College. Any memorabilia, photographs, uniform items, etc. are always welcome on loan or as a donation and will be displayed with an acknowledgement of the donor.



Where are they now?