Creative Learning


Mercy College is a community of learning that provides students with broad and rich learning experiences throughout the curriculum and in partnership with parents. Through programs across nine disciplinary based learning areas, students experience and explore a world of knowledge and skills to equip them to be proactive and informed citizens now and into the future.

Students explore a diversity of styles and habits of learning through lesson activities, independent tasks, in cooperation with their peers and in practical and problem solving scenarios. Understanding how, why and when learning is best achieved is a critical aspect of personal development and is emphasised in a range of programs that challenge students to think deeply about their own individual learning. Empowering students to recognise their own learning strengths and enabling them to develop strategies for maximising their learning also promotes and encourages development in social learning environments.

Students are provided with opportunities that allow them to engage in critical and creative thinking, in the classroom and out in the community. Mercy values underpin curriculum and guide conversations about ethical issues. Today’s globalised world means languages and intercultural understanding are invaluable. Students, through their journey at Mercy College, develop a respect and appreciation for cultural diversity. Relationships are nurtured at the College and restorative conversations develop reflective and empathetic young ladies. Students are taught to understand and manage their emotions so as to foster a sense of resilience.

Learning in all of its forms, styles and types shapes the ongoing and evolutionary curriculum endeavours at Mercy College. Being ready and willing to learn is expected of all members of our community and is the challenge that students of all years and in all subjects face.